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Vol. 5, No. 12 | December 2013




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Be in The Present
Practice Mindfulness for Health and Success

US MED Gives Back How many times have you found yourself driving or doing something routine and realized you had no idea what just happened?

Autopilot can make some routine tasks easier but its not always a good thing. Sometimes automatic functioning can harm relationships and even make you anxious and depressed.

Practicing being present in the moment can often help people with chronic conditions see themselves as whole people.

The Mayo Clinic developed Stress Management and Resilience Training to enhance resilience and the ability to thrive in spite of adversity.

You don't have to go through formal training to begin your mindfulness practice. These steps can get you started:

* Paying attention. Learn to place yourself fully in the present moment. Use your senses. What do you see? What do you hear? Practice it everywhere. Note what you see and feel: At bedtime, the cool, soft sheets, the blue light of night out of the window, the quiet.

* Removing judgment. Observe the world, your tasks, other people and yourself without criticism. Try not to attach strong feelings to a task: I hate this.

* Breathing. Forget everything else for a moment and feel each breath. You can observe your breath from your nostrils, chest or belly. Feel the sensations that accompany your breath and breathe with rhythm.

* Meditating. Set aside a time and place for doing nothing. Once you have assumed your favorite posture, focus on your breathing. It's like exercising your mind, honing its focus and concentration.

The more you learn to be mindful, the more you can appreciate the fullness of life.

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