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Vol. 5, No. 9 | September 2013




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How to Stay Positive in Life
Particularly in Difficult Times

US MED Gives Back A negative outlook can set in whether it's caused by a stressful event, a job situation or by too much routine, which may mean few events of any kind.

Dr. Daniel Wagner of Trinity University in San Antonio has found through his studies that trying to get rid of a negative thought only makes you think about it more. Instead, you should direct your thoughts elsewhere.

He recommends asking yourself a question that sets your mind in a new direction. For example, ask: "How can I make myself stronger and better able to deal with this?" Or ask, "What is my goal?"

Wagner says when you decide on the question, keep asking it. Ponder it. Wonder about it. Let it run through your mind whenever you find yourself worrying. It will change your thoughts.

Other recommendations include:

Appreciate. Focus on something you are grateful for or that you like.

Visualize. Create the experience you want to have in your mind.

Be in the present. Don't spend time reliving the past. Acknowledge the present moment and its opportunities.

Get healthier. Avoid eating junk food. Eat regular meals and exercise, both of which will give you a more positive outlook.

Associate with positive thinking, happy people. Their influence can rub off on you.

Find something to laugh about. It could be a joke, a TV show, a movie, or talking to a funny person. Laughing can change your outlook.

Stay away from negative people, those who criticize you, your ideas and everyone else.

You can't always control events in your life but you can control what you choose to think and feel about them. You can look at things positively or otherwise. You decide.



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