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Vol. 5, No. 6 | June 2013




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Hire a House Sitter
They Can Help You Avoid Problems and Give You Peace of Mind

US MED Gives Back A lot can happen to a home that's left unattended for a week, two weeks or more, says Angie Hicks (Angie's List.)

Going away on a vacation takes a great deal of planning. You've arranged child care, and found a pet sitter for your dog, but who will take care of your home while you're gone?

Consider hiring a professional house sitter to make sure your home is safe, your plants are watered, and your errands are taken care of while you're on vacation. Your home is your largest investment, so be sure it is well looked after.

Check prospective house sitters' background and references. Make sure they're insured and bonded.

Professional house sitters usually charge $15 to $25 a visit, depending on distance traveled and duties that are required. On each visit the sitter will check all windows and doors to be sure everything is secure. They will turn different lights off and on to give the house a lived-in appearance and will come daily, weekly or as needed.

They ask where all the emergency switches and water turnoffs are located so they can use them in an emergency. One reported walking into a flooded house and having to discover for herself how to turn off the water.

After you've hired a sitter and explained the duties involved:

* Make sure the dates of your absence are outlined: in writing is best.

* Have a list of preferred plumbers and electricians.

* Provide for all access needed, such as for the garage and basement. Provide her with keys and instruct her on how to handle any alarm or security systems you have installed.

* Provide your contact information and emergency contact information, to make sure he or she can inform you of any situation that arises.

* Give clear instructions on how the duties expected should be performed.

* House sitters ask that you take very expensive or irreplaceable jewelry with you or put it in your safety deposit box so they aren't responsible for it.




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