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Vol. 5, No. 5 | May 2013




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Happiness Makeover
Longevity Expert Travels The World to Compile Happiness Study

US MED Gives Back Explorer and educator Dan Buettner visited many countries and talked to thousands of people while researching a new book on happiness. His conclusions include:

1. Find the right neighborhood. Look for one with sidewalks, meeting places, green spaces and other characteristics that encourage social interaction.

2. Stop shopping and start saving. The thrill of buying something wears off. Financial security increases happiness.

3. Get enough sleep. People who don't are more likely to develop depression and anxiety. In the morning eat breakfast to boost your energy.

4. Don't watch so much TV. You'll get more pleasure from spending time with people, reading or engaging in a hobby, according to the National Geographic's True Happiness Test.

5. Visit with the right friends. Happy people purposely create social times. Time spent with happy friends makes our happiness grow. Time spent with unhappy people makes it decline.

6. Find your mate. Studies show that married people are more likely to be happy. But both health and happiness decline in an unhappy relationship. Work to make a relationship happy. If can't be, it could be time to move on.

7. Be part of a religious community. Happy people often attend church services regularly. They tend to live seven years longer than others. If you don't belong to faith-based community, seek one out and you'll also have a built-in social network.

8. Have a dog or cat. You'll have lower blood pressure, fewer stress hormones in your blood and higher self-esteem. Visit your local animal shelter to adopt one.

9. Practice compassion. At the Institute for Research in Brazil, studies show altruism stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain.




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