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Vol. 5, No. 4 | April 2013




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More Fun For The 60+ Set
Think About Protecting One of The Five Vital Senses

US MED Gives Back Whether you're retired or just thinking about it, it's time to consider some active pursuits to keep healthy and happy.

Travel is great but, in the days between trips, active seniors want to keep the good times rolling.

A full and independent life demands activities for the body, mind and spirit. Silver Sneakers is a program that offers Medicare-eligible adults free or low-cost memberships at participating fitness centers. Their programs include fitness classes, social gatherings and health seminars.

Walking and biking are happy choices now that communities have walking paths and bikeways.

Check out some of the roadworthy recumbent bikes, that put the rider in a reclining position, instead of perched on a tiny, uncomfortable seat.

Geocaching can make your walks more interesting and you can find clubs of people who look for hidden caches. See If walking bores you but you love the water, boating is a good way to have fun outdoors. You don't have to buy a boat. You can rent a canoe or kayak that includes everything you need.

Spending time at the pool is enjoyable whether you swim like a fish, or just paddle around. Since it's not weight-bearing exercise, it's good for people with arthritis. Or you can just socialize.

There are senior sports leagues at many parks and rec centers. You can play softball, tennis, badminton or croquet.

If you don't know how to golf, now's the time to learn. Golf is a great way to exercise, enjoy the beauty of nature, and make friends.




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