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Vol. 5, No. 4 | April 2013




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Backyard Gardens Make The News
More People are Growing Their Own Fruits and Vegetables

US MED Gives Back People are looking for wellness, simplicity and bliss in their lives, and in 2013, backyard farms are making it happen.

Gardening itself is a stress-free and active pursuit. It ranks somewhere between moderate exercise and a higher level, depending on whether you are weeding or digging and planting.

Concerns about food safety, a desire for better-tasting vegetables and saving money, are sending more people to their gardens.

Some hobbyists spend more on accoutrements than seeds. Think of fancy watering cans, herb-garden kits, enamel pails, or a $1,300 two-story cedar coop for four or five chickens.

People wonder if raising chickens will disappear as a hobby. At they say it's getting bigger all the time. Even Oprah has her own chicken coop. Vendors say many consumers can afford backyard farms and thoroughly enjoy them.

Nationally, 33 percent of all households grew vegetables, fruit, berries or herbs in 2011, according to the National Gardening Association. In the Midwest, 36 percent of households grew food.

If you're not interested in a great deal of physical activity, join the foodies who grow vegetables and fruits on their balconies and patios. They've been growing tomatoes, peppers and herbs for years. And now plant breeders have introduced small fruit trees and shrubs that do fine year-around in all-weather containers. Sweet Lifeberry Goji Berries can be grown year-round in most areas of the country.

Blueberries are a big with container growers. North Star blueberries are prolific and gorgeous plants, according to the Indianapolis Star and The Wall Street Journal.



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