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Vol. 4, No. 10 | October 2012




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What We Eat Matters
One Obesity Specialist Says the Government's Got it Wrong

US MED Gives BackOne expert says the government's claim that we eat too much and don't exercise, which causes us to get fat, is mostly wrong.

Gary Taubes, the author of Why We Get Fat and an independent investigator in health policy at the University of California, Berkeley, says there are many examples of why it doesn't work.

In 1934, at the height of the Great Depression, there was barely enough to eat, but there were so many fat kids in New York City, a childhood obesity clinic was founded at Columbia University. What people did eat were inexpensive, starchy or sweet foods that made them gain weight.

There are many examples of obesity epidemics in populations that barely had enough food for people to eat. One theory has been around for decades but has largely been ignored. It implicates refined sugars and grains because of their effect on the hormone insulin, which regulates fat accumulation. The interaction can be found in medical textbooks.

A recent study by the National Institutes of Health shows that a low-carbohydrate diet, which reduces bread, pasta and sweets, but emphasizes red meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, is successful in preventing weight gain and achieving weight loss.

The government is right in saying we shouldn't eat huge amounts of food, but what we do eat makes a big difference.

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