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Vol. 4, No. 7 | July 2012




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Summer Time For Your Pets
How to Care For Your Pet When The Weather Gets Warm

US MED Gives BackBugs, be gone!

You put insect repellent on yourself and your children before going outside, but your dog would also appreciate a break from flies and mosquitoes.

Veterinarians at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine remind us that pets can get bug-borne diseases such as Lyme and West Nile. Dogs can be treated with products containing permethrin, such as K-9 Advantrix or let them wear the BUZZ OFF bandana. Never use bug sprays designed for humans on pets.

Never use these products on a cat. They are toxic to cats.

For fleas and ticks, Advantage, Frontline and Revolutions are still the best products for control.

Vets that make house calls

Some pets shake with fear when you take them to the vet. Others can become aggressive, which is bad for their owners and other pets in the waiting room as well as for the vet. What's more, it can be a time-consuming problem for their owners to get them there and back.

Some veterinarians are addressing these problems by making house calls. Those specializing in the visits may have a van or truck stocked with vaccines, medications, and other supplies.

At-home visits are usually for routine checkups, vaccinations or treatments. The visits cost a little more, but many owners think it's worth the money.

Pets that need x-rays or other procedures are referred to a clinic.

Veterinarians have always made emergency house calls, like the one who responded to a person's call about a dog. Hit by a car, the dog was hiding under a desk, crying and wouldn't let anyone touch him. The vet came. He and his assistant carried the injured pooch out on a little green stretcher.

Help them cool them off

Outdoor dogs need a little special attention in summer. Hot days are hard on them. It helps to have a wading pool available or to let them play in the sprinkler. Keep water bowls full of fresh water.

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