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Vol. 4, No. 5 | May 2012




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Making That 'Extra' Room Special
How to Make a GuesUS MED Gives Backt Room Feel Like Home

With the school year coming to a close and vacations coming soon, friends and family members will probably be spending a night or two at your place.

If your guest room has become a home gym, a hobby center or junk depository, you've got work to do. Here's some other advice of an innkeeper.

* The bed. Whether it's a regular bed, a sofa bed or an air mattress, have it made up with fresh sheets, a blanket and an extra blanket at the foot of the bed for anyone who needs it.

* On the night stand, have an alarm clock, a box of tissues, a water carafe and reading material. Make sure there's a reading light.

Playing cards, fresh flowers and a city map are nice touches.

* A place to put luggage and hang clothes is important to travelers. Make room for their clothes in the closet and provide wooden hangers.

* If you have Wi-Fi, give them the password.

Next, pay some attention to the bathroom. Have plenty of clean bath towels, face towels and a bath mat. Supply extra glasses for drinking and extra toilet paper and tissues. Providing bathrobes is a big plus.

In the guest room, some hosts include a basket that has shampoo, conditioner, soap, and eye makeup remover (to save their towels).

If your home is nonsmoking, put an ash tray on the porch or patio.

When guests arrive, give them a tour. Show them their room and where extra bathroom towels are located. Mention the outside ash tray and any other house rules. Tell them when meals will be served and about any responsibility that will take you away for a short time.

One man says that when his buddies come for the big game, all he does is buy food and booze. The place is clean, but there are no special touches, just a friendly hello and lots of tequila.

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