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Vol. 4, No. 3 | March 2012




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Inexpensive Vacations
Fun Family Getaways

US MED Gives BackA vacation you can pay for now is better than one that you'll pay for in the future. The trick is to decide what will be fun and still not cost a lot.

The cottage: Renting a cottage by a lake or woods is a classic solution. Many have a lodge or gathering place where kids can meet other kids. Make sure a boat is included with your cottage. If it's located 300 miles from home or less, you can travel there by car.

Camping: This is an great choice for families with children. It's exciting, especially if there are lots of outdoor activities available, such as fishing, hiking and swimming. If you know a spot where you can camp free of charge, the trip won't cost much at all.

Campsites charge for your stay, but usually offer planned activities and have bathrooms, showers and laundries.

If you don't have camping gear, you can buy it, but remember that you can use it over and over. Most kids already have sleeping bags.

Have a free overnight visit with a relative or friend: Whether you are traveling near or far, this is a good choice. They will probably be happy to see you if you made plans in advance.


Vacation at home: Plan a different activity every day. Visit the zoo, picnic in the park, and go swimming. See an attraction in a near-by city, go to the county or state fair, and have a big barbecue for your friends and your kids' friends. (Ask guests to bring food.)


Whether you will be camping, staying at a cottage or vacationing at home, taking friends along makes the activities more fun. Kids like to bring a pal or two, and it won't cost much more than going with just your own family.


A visit to a big amusement park is always exciting. It can be comparatively expensive, but if you can fit it in for one day, it's a good idea.




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