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Vol. 4, No. 2 | February 2012




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Consider a Vacation Home
For Fun Times, Investment Returns


US MED Gives BackGlorious summer days at the lake...the grandkids frolicking at the shore...or a warm fireplace as you wait for the perfect powder at your ski retreat.


A vacation home builds memories and it can be a great investment.


In most vacation hot spots, second-home prices are at five-year lows. Some in California and Florida can be had for 47 percent below their 2006 price. Bargains are likely to be available within a couple of hundred miles from where you live.


* There's more to a vacation place than fun and up-front bargains. In the future, the home will be an appreciating asset. Economists say prices are already rising and will continue to rise for at least the next five years.


* The home is a better deal if it's rentable. The rental potential puts money in your pocket, but it also increases resale value.

The study was far more detailed than we have described, but you get the idea. Dogs use the centripetal force of shaking to expel water from their hair in order to regulate their core body temperature.


* The typical vacation property rents out about 17 weeks a year, according to Ask a property management company how much comparable properties rent for by the week. While the rent won't pay all your expenses, it will help with the mortgage, utilities, taxes and maintenance.


* You will meet and become friends with an entirely new group of people when you own a vacation home. Lifelong friends are made with neighbors and in the community.


* You'll have tax benefits. Rent it out for less than two weeks, and you won't have to report the income to the income to the IRS.


* If you rent the home for two weeks or more, you can deduct operating costs, such as maintenance, cleaning, mortgage interest and property tax. You allocate the write-off between personal and rental use.


* As with any rental property, distance is important. Less than 200 miles from your primary home is best.




* When the property is classified as a second home, you'll get about the same interest rate and terms as on a home loan, according to HSH Associates.


* If you need the rental property income to qualify for a mortgage, it will be classified as an investment property. The down payment will be higher and the interest rate will be about 1 percent more.



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