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Vol. 3, No. 11 | November 2011




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Small Electronics on Vehicles
A New Way of Life


US MED Gives BackMore automobile manufacturers are equipping new autos so they match up with applications on today's smart phones. Motorists can be just a jingle away from automatically starting their car to checking its fluid levels.


The 2011 Volt, the all-electric buggy from General Motors,is equipped with its own application. It enables the driver, or passenger for that matter, to get directions, order stuff online, check in with friends on Facebook, identify songs being played on the radio, and look for nearby lodging and restaurants.


Additionally, the application will allow motorists to track how much power and battery life the car has left, find a charging station and schedule the recharging of batteries.


IPhones using Google?s Android software mean that GM has just the right app for you. The Leaf electric by Nissan already has a similar wireless for smart phones, and it looks like this type of option may be headed for standard equipment.


Similar features are now being added to OnStar, GM?s satellite-tracking system for automobiles, which aids its drivers in time of need.


iQ Power, Chrysler?s touch screen power system, is being placed in its200C four-door electric auto.


Also on the Chrysler scene, a new tracking system that will help locate stolen vehicles is being honed by engineers.


Warning systems for backing and self-parking electronics are almost old hat now with the first of these technologies emerging inthe Lexus LX 460 in 2006. Now, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Toyota offer similar parking aids.


Most cars have optional rear warning systems and computer readouts on pending engine and drive-train system problems.


Most also have read-outs on dates for needed vehicle service, a built-in compass and outside temperature readings.


Just out of a sci-fi movie… In today’s world, parking has never been easier, using our wireless phones through a blue-tooth enabled car, getting driving directions and even getting updates on fluid levels. It’s amazing how technology has propelled forward to give us everything we need to make our driving experience that much more FANTASTIC.



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