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Vol. 3, No. 11 | November 2011




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The Power of Color
The Way Color Influences People

US MED Gives BackIt has been explained through science. It has also become very popular in pop-culture, through feng-shui. Here’s a little information on how color affects our moods and how it can affect how we interact with each other.


The Pantone Color Institute researches how color influences thought, emotions and physical reactions. Some of their recent recommendations for interior decoration are:

Yellow: When the eye takes in yellow, it releases serotonin, a neurotransmitter linked to feeling good. The institute recommends a soft chamois, butterscotch or honey yellow for a living room, entry or foyer. It will boost moods.

Blue: They say when the blue sky is above you, it's hard to be anxious. Studies show that blue makes the heart rate slow, perspiration drop, and breathing deepen. Pantone recommends it for bathrooms and for any room where you want to relax.

Brown: It has emerged as a rich mocha linked to the flavors of coffee and chocolate. People love their wood floors and furniture. Brown is associated with stability of the earth. In bedrooms, it increases sleep-inducing sensations of safety and comfort, whether it's on a wall, in furniture or bedspreads.

Red: It has an aggressive nature, commanding attention and demanding action. It may introduce a fight-or-flight reaction including elevated breath and pulse rate and an increase in adrenaline and perspiration.

Black: To banish sadness, limit the black and dark grays in your life. Leave pure white on the ceilings

There are a variety of colors, it is truly infinite. We can find ways to incorporate all the colors that make us happy and inspire certain emotions into our everyday lives. This is a way for us to not only express how we feel, but how we think, what we want others to feel like around us and set a tone for our lives. It’s truly amazing to think, but the colors we use to dress ourselves or our living room and bedroom walls, really says a lot about who we are. Personalize your space.

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