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'Move Outside' for Fun and Health
September 24th is National Public Lands Day

US MED Gives BackNational Public Lands Day offers every adult and child in the United States a chance to enjoy the outdoors while doing meaningful work. They will be keeping the environment of our public lands safe and healthy.

Set for Sept. 24 this year, the theme is named "Let's Move Outside," by First Lady Michelle Obama. The program is led by the Department of the Interior, the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the U. S. Department of Agriculture's Forest Service.

As a special feature of this year's event, 100 water quality testing kits have been issued to site managers for checking sites across the land. The hands-on volunteer effort offers a way to enjoy familyhealthy activities and fun while promoting the stewardship of the lands, which are a sacred trust for all our citizens.

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Writing Your Family History
Dig up Your Roots!

US MED Gives BackIt is easier now than ever before to dig up your roots for a family history. The Internet is a big help, but it is easy to get lost in it. .

For a printed history, Family Tree Maker (familytreemaker.com) is best, according to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. The software, also available from geneaology.com, offers many varieties of family trees.

Advice from experts includes:

* Set aside some time. You'll spend many hours doing it.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates the world's population will reach 7 billion in 2011 or by July 11, 2012..

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Tending plants can improve your health and mood
Improve Your Health by Gardening


US MED Gives Back

If you have a small patch of earth, a patio or balcony where a flower pot can stand, or a windowsill, you have an opportunity to improve your health.

The American Horticultural Therapy Association tells of such benefits as lower blood pressure, lifting of depression or mood, faster wound healing, and increased bone density that tending plants or a garden can bring.

They say human beings have a genetic-based evolutionary need for plants being around them. Increasingly, health care centers and hospitals have incorporated green spaces, gardens, and indoor plants into their buildings.

But you don't have to go to a hospital to reap the benefits. Working with flowers and plants can be more attractive to people than walking on a treadmill or doing therap


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Why the NFL Drafts
The Man Who Built the National Football League

US MED Gives Back

It was 1935 when wide receiver Don Hutson was the subject of a bidding war in the NFL draft. Hutson caused angst and confusion in the league when he sent signed contracts to the league for both the Green Bay Packers and the Brooklyn Dodgers.


When both contracts arrived on the same day, then NFL President Joe Carr awarded the Alabama star to Green Bay because the timestamp on its postmark was 17 minutes earlier.


In the same year, some teams complained that the Chicago Bears and New York Giants held an edge in luring talent because they could pay more.


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Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie
Low Caloric & Diabetic Friendly Recipe

US MED Gives BackBeing healthy doesnt have to be boring. You can endulge a little if you want to, just dont over do it. These chocolate chip cookies are a great alternative to eating higher caloric and carbohydrate rich desserts.

   Total Servings:  36
   Serving size:  1 cookie
   Exchanges: 1/2 carbohydrate
                          1/2 fat
   Calories:  72

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This recipe is an excerpt from Graham Kerr's "Simply Splenda® Cookbook". US MED delivers you your diabetic supplies andwith each diabetic delivery you receive afree gift. For your first order we would like to send you a diabetic cookbook full of easy, tasty and diabetic-friendly recipes. Be sure to mention that you would like your first gift to be the diabetic cookbook and we will put it out in the mail to you immediately..


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As always, be sure to check with your dietician, nutritionist or primary care physician before going on any specific diet plan.



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