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Senior Dating
Great First Date Ideas

US MED Gives Back Does the idea of dating still make you nervous? Perhaps you are a bit out of practice? That's a natural feeling for anybody!

To help get you started, here are some great dates that are perfect for older adults:

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Why Walk?
Study Shows Walking Promotes Blood Flow to the Brain

US MED Gives Back A recent study found that brisk walking improved blood flow through to the brain by as much as 15% in elderly women. The study included women aged 60 and older who walked for 30 to 50 minutes three or four times a week for three months.


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Be a Kid Again
Fun Activities for Seniors

US MED Gives BackMind Games
There are numerous enjoyable mind games that can keep you both sharp and entertained. Try games like

Sudoku, Scrabble, or simple crossword puzzles. If a senior is physically impaired, then board games can make way for simple riddles and trivia.

Movies and Books
The latest blockbuster or a bestselling novel can really get the heart racing. Watch the latest Action movie or get lost in a thrilling crime novel.  Revisiting old favorites is also always entertaining.
ou know that you don’t have to give up your favorite recipes?

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Stay Well
Tomato Juice Protects Bones

US MED Gives BackA new study shows that lycopene, a substance that makes tomatoes and other fruits red, reduces the bone resorption linked to osteoporosis.

At the University of Toronto's Calcium Research Laboratory, researchers say lycopene from tomatoes has previously been shown to have a protective effect on bones. Their new finding suggests that lycopene can be used as a natural complementary or alternative supplement for the reduction of bone absorption. It is especially recommended for women who are age 50 or more.

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Recipe: German Chocolate Cake
Low Caloric & Diabetic Friendly Recipe

US MED Gives BackBeing healthy doesnt have to be boring. Chocolate is one of life's simple pleasures. You can endulge a little if you want to, just dont over do it. This cake is a great alternative to eating higher caloric and carbohydrate rich desserts.

            Total Servings:    20

            Calories:               176

            Fat Calories:        79
            Cholesterol:          55.6 mg

            Sodium:               168 mg
 Protein:                    5.3 g

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But always keep in mind that the quantity and amount of foods you eat need to be monitored. If you have any questions or concerns please be sure to speak to your doctor.


This recipe is an excerpt from Graham Kerr's "Simply Splenda® Cookbook". US MED delivers you your diabetic supplies andwith each diabetic delivery you receive afree gift. For your first order we would like to send you a diabetic cookbook full of easy, tasty and diabetic-friendly recipes. Be sure to mention that you would like your first gift to be the diabetic cookbook and we will put it out in the mail to you immediately..


Diabetic Cookbook
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An additional gift to help you lead a healthier life while still eating the foods you love!

United States Medical Supply, Inc.We all love to eat! But when you are managing your blood glucose, sometimes choosing the right foods can be very difficult. We have found a cookbook that will help you make the decisions that will keep your blood glucose in check and provide you with options that we know you'll love.

As always, be sure to check with your dietician, nutritionist or primary care physician before going on any specific diet plan.



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