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Earth Day- April 22, 2010

Earth Day- April 22, 2010 This is the 40th Annual Earth Day. Earth Day is a day to promote awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. Why not take a moment to see your impact on our Earth and ways to reduce it at www.myfootprint.org Simple changes that can make a huge impact include:

In the research it was determined that some plants are better than others for purifying the air indoors. Here are 12 plants to consider to purify the air in your home. It is estimated that these houseplants can purify the interior of a typical house of 1,800 square feet. In our homes and in space, it looks like we can count on these houseplants to help remove harmful pollutants from the air we breathe. At the same time, they are some of the easiest plants to grow and most attractive to use for interior decorating.

  • Buy organic and local… this reduces the transportation process or even eliminates it, thus reducing carbon emissions
  • Pay attention to packaging… when out shopping, choose items with minimal packaging
  • Ditch bottled water… Bottled water has a huge carbon footprint, it's bottled at one location in small plastic bottles and shipped all over. Try buying a reusable water bottle or canteen for your water
  • Unplug it! Unplug appliances you don’t use frequently
  • Use Cold Water… at least in the washer, it takes less energy than heating up water
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


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